Kids Education Expo 2019


Kids Education Expo Indonesia (KEEI) is a one-stop destination for parents who really care about their kids’ education and development. Parents can come to this annual exhibition to find out more about preschools, kindergartens, junior schools, daycares and extracurricular courses located in different areas within Jakarta.

KEEI invites parents to come and learn further about current studies and discoveries on child’s development. Started from which schools that is suitable with the child’s personality? The best curriculum that suits your child’s personality? What food that encourage the growth of the child? What type of activities that can help them to develop? Your child can also get a test and find their strength and full potential by doing their interest aptitude test since their early age!

Who attends this fair?


Parents (Moms & Dads)Start getting high


Children age 0-16 years oldWorld Famous Recipes


Teachers & School RepresentativesSpecialized Morning Menus


Anyone that are interestedPrivate & Personalized

What is at this fair?

  • Obtain on the spot education fun all day!
  • Preschools, Kindergartens, Junior School & many more!
  • Products that support the development of the child (food, vitamins, supplements, and etc)
  • Education product
  • Children’s books and toys
  • Products & Equipment of children
  • Interesting seminars & workshops for parents and childrens